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Our Collection Of Gay Cartoon Games Is Bigger Than You Think

When it comes to cartoon porn, most of the sites are limiting themselves these days. They found some characters that are drawing huge crowds through their popularity, but other than this clickbait effect, their collections have nothing to offer. No matter if we talk about video collections, photo galleries or even other porn gaming sites, the other sources of cartoon porn parodies are coming with some Adult Swim characters, Elsa and some MLP content. Well, we do have content with those characters, as they are quite popular. But the content we have is not clickbait at all. It’s worth playing and will surely please your fantasies. If you’re vanilla, these games might even upset you.

But at the same time, we have many other games on this site, with many other characters that you’ve always dreamed of fucking, waiting to be fucked in the virtual world. And all the games on our site are all about gay action. You might have noticed that I mentioned Elsa above. Now I’m telling you that all games are featuring gay sex. And you might now know what to think of that. Well, the answer is simple. The adult gaming world is the medium where you can find the most gender bender porn content. And there are many other kinks in the gay parody games of our site. We included more than just cartoon characters, since fans of this kink are also into all kinds of animated mediums turned into playable porn.

Gay Cartoon Games And Much More

What we offer on this site is coming from the new generation of online sex games. And this new generation is developed using HTML5, which is a more permissive technology, featuring many design and renditions engines, as well as great movement and sound engines. Because of those design and rendition engines, the characters look almost exactly as the characters from the original story. The movement engines will make them move realistically when you fuck them. Sometimes the movement way more natural and complex as the one in the original animations, especially in the case of games featuring characters from Family Guy, The Simpsons or Futurama. And to top it all up, those sound engines help creators emulate sounds that are almost the same as the original voices. Since the technology is not that advanced yet, most games limit themselves to doing the moans in the original voices, while the dialogue still comes in text. But looking at how quick the things are evolving; I’d say it will take some 5 years until we will be able to input any text in the dialogue boxes of the games and have it said back to us in the voice of our favorite cartoon characters.

And as mentioned before, this collection is coming with more than just Gay Cartoon Games. Animation characters were included too and superhero animated series also got turned into gay action on this site. Another category of animations that gets subjected to the rule 34 is anime, and also manga. All your favorite boys from Naruto, One Piece, Once Punch Man and Bleach are all fucking each other on our site, sometimes even crossing anime universes just to get the D.

Cartoons Are NFSW On Our Site

Because we know that the gay cartoon games, we offer on our site are a big “No” in the office and a frowned upon king in society, we went the extra mile to offer a platform that comes with everything you need for good stay and navigation. But most importantly, it offers a complete safety and discretion while gaming on our site. No one will ever know who you are while you enjoy these games, not even our team behind the servers. It’s just you and the games, to live your cartoon kinks however you want in a safe and controlled environment.

But the best thing about our site is the fact that everything we offer on it comes to you for free. There is no download, no registration, no annoying ads and on top of all these games, we add new ones as we find them or as they find us when they get released.

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